"I gotta tell ya, there is nothing like the smell of a spice - rubbed, aged Angus brisket slowly cooking over hardwood or the taste of a tender, moist perfectly cooked rib. It’s so mouthwatering good it makes ya wanna jump in the pit!"  
Sugar’s Barbecue is proud keep this tradition alive by using tried and true techniques handed down from generations. Hands on, homegrown, and slow cooked. My food is sourced from local farmers, ranchers, and growers who raise their produce, beef, poultry and pork naturally. I use Oak, Hickory, Apple and Cherry bring out the best in my barbecue. I’m blessed to live in area rich in abundance and full of those who care enough to see it flourish.
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Gotta hankerin for something else? Well, I also specialize in flavorful dishes inspired from my travels around the Pacific Rim, Latin America, Cuba, The Caribbean and Jamaica.

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