Father’s Day BBQ Specials


Leave the cooking to us and grab some Sugars Barbecue for your Father’s Day. We will have our rubs, sauces, and apparel on sale for you to pick up with your order. Details will be emailed to you with your order confirmation. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Limited quantities and we will sell out so order today!!

Pick up in Battle Ground on Sunday, June 21st between 11am and 2:00pm. Please click on the images below, adjust and add it to your cart. Rubs and sauces will be available at pick up (cash only for those items) – avoid shipping charges and grab some when you arrive to get your order! 

Last day to order is Sunday, June 14th.

Hot off the pit!

Beef Brisket – $95 each

12 hours over Northwest White Oak wood and our Serious Bull BBQ dry rub makes the magic happen. Served hot with BBQ sauce on the side. Richly marbled, tender, smokey, and amazing! Finished weight: 7-8.5 lbs. Feeds 12-15 people. Butcher paper wrapped and ready to slice and serve.

Smoked Chicken – $10/half

Seasoned with our Cluckin Awesome BBQ dry rub and hot smoked until perfect. Served hot with BBQ sauce on the side. Feeds 2-3 people.


Pork Ribs – $25/whole slab

Smoky, seasoned and served cold for you to easily reheat as needed. Includes 8 oz. of BBQ sauce. Feeds 3-4 people.

Peach Pulled Pork Shoulder – $10/lb

12 hours over Oregon Maple wood is the key! Served cold to reheat later. Moist, tender, and incredible. A classic on your summer picnic table. Served with our tangy Campfire Dreams BBQ sauce on the side. Feeds 3-4 people.


Pit Smoked Beans with Apples – $8/qt.

A fan favorite since 2006. Brown sugar, molasses, beans, and smoky apples. Serves 4-6. (Vegetarian)

Mexican Street Corn – $8/qt.

An amazing twist on a tasty classic from south of the border! Sweet corn blended with richly spiced mayonnaise, cotija cheese, roasted peppers, and charred onions.

Loaded Bacon Cheddar Potato Salad – $12/qt.
A meal by itself! Diced red potatoes, mixed with lots of bacon, sharp cheddar cheese, green onions, and celery in our Campfire Dreams spiked dressing. 

Click on a picture below to get your order started! 

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Ready to stock up on some rubs and sauces as well? Don’t order them now! Avoid shipping charges because they will be available to purchase at pick up with cash!
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